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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ang Bituin - Filipino Harana Song (Sheet Music and Lyrics)

Ang Bituin (also known as O, Ilaw)
Filipino Folk Song
Tagalog Serenade (Harana)


O, ilaw, sa gabing malamig
Wangis mo'y bituin sa langit.
O, tanglaw, sa gabing tahimik
Larawan mo, Neneng, nagbigay pasakit. Ay!

Gising at magbangon sa pagkagupiling
Sa pagkakatulog na lubhang mahimbing.
Buksan ang bintana at ako'y dungawin
Nang mapagtanto mo ang tunay kong pagdaing.

The Star

English Version
O Neneng in the darkness of night,
Like a star, thou art my guiding light;
When thy light gleams on me bright and clear,
Following thine image nor dark nor cold I'll fear.

Wake, my love, I pray thee, Leave thy downy pillow;
Wake, oh wake, leave thy rest, Rise thy lover to greet.
Open now thy window and look down on me;
Thou will doubt no longer My heart's sincere love for thee.

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  1. Filipino music may not be popular worldwide but our country music produces vast music talent showcasing their skills in terms of musicality and interpretation and is now widely accepted and appreciated internationally. Several Filipino music artists have actually made it internationally such as: Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon), Apl.de.ap (Black Eyed Peas), Arnel Pineda (Current lead vocalist of the rock group Journey) and the child wonder Charice Pempengco. How about Manny Pacquiao? Yes, he is a Filipino too, not only he is the current number one boxer in the world but he is also a singer and sold thousands of records in our country.