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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oalay Manoc con Taraz - Pangasinan Folk Song

Oalay Manoc con Taraz
Pangasinan Folk Song
Lyrics in English

1. I have a little bird, Taraz,
Bagsit, dearest little bird;
Whenever someone talks with me,
She stands just in front of me.

2. Taraz, darling bird, Taraz,
Why are you so cross to me’
I would not treat you so well
Were you not so dear to me.

3. II I were not kind to you,
You would have for breakfast frowns,
For luncheon a beating hard,
And for supper kicks and blows.

4. But you are so dear to me,
For breakfast I give you milk,
At noon a delicious cake,
And for supper cook'es rare.

Sheet Music of Oalay Manoc con Taraz in Pangasinan Dialect


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