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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Filipino Folk Song - Owak Sheet Music (Visayan)

Owak [Raven]
Filipino Visayan Folk Song
Lyrics in English
Black bird, where have you been?
Why ask? I’ve been were I’ve been.
And now, pray, where will you go?
To a place that you ought never to know.

I go where’er I please,
To find dead bodies of men.
What will you do with them, pray?
I will eat and be so joyful and gay.

Visayan Lyrics
Owak diin ka guican?
Guican sa guiguicanan.
Asa ka man padulong?
Padulong sa 'cong guidulungan.

Owak magonsaca?
Mangita ug namatyan.
Kay onsaon man nimo?
Maayo rang culuquitquitan.
Filipino Folk Song - Owak Sheet Music (Visayan)


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