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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kundiman: Kung Maging Ulila - Norma Lapuz

"Kung Maging Ulila" is a Kundiman composition of Prof. Juan Silos Jr. Interpreted by Norma Lapuz, the "Blind Songstress" of the 1950's. Music under the direction of Leopoldo Silos with the guitarists Pedro Concepcion and Domingo Amarillo. Audio from a 12 inch vintage vinyl phonograph LP record ("The Blind Songstress, Norma Lapuz," Villar Records, VLP-4042, Mareco Incorporated, Manila, Philippines, Undated). (See PhilClassic video)

Filipino Kundiman: Kung Maging Ulila - Norma Lapuz Video with Lyrics


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