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Friday, November 11, 2011

To Babyland (Karaoke, Lyrics and Piano Sheet Music) - Nursery Rhyme

To Babyland
Nursery Rhyme
Learn to sing the song "To Babyland" through karaoke. I have provided the music notation for faster learning. Musicians who like this song can play it too in any musical instrument.
Piano is perfect for me for this song.

How many miles to Babyland?
Anyone can tell;
Up one flight, to the right;
Then please ring the bell.

What do they do in Babyland?
Dream and wake and play;
Laugh and crow, fonder grow
Jolly times have they.

What do they say in Babyland?
Why, the oddest things!
Might as well try to tell
What a birdie sings.

Who is the queen in Babyland?
Mother, kind and sweet;
And her love born above
Guides the little feet.

Piano Sheet Music


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