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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Father's Home: Old Song (Karaoke and Lyrics with Music Notation)

Our Father's Home
Lyrics by Alice C. D. Riley
Composed by Catharina van Rennes
From the Dutch

One tender Father leads us,
Loves His children all;
Bends down His ear and heeds us,
Hears our every call.

Though I sail the sea,
Though afar I roam,
Lonely of heart I never shall be,
'Tis my Father's home.

One tender Father loves us,
Makes us brothers here,
While bend His skies above us,
Love may vanish fear.

Hail! my brothers, clasp my hand,
Wheresoever we roam,
Strange tho' the tounge or far the land,
'Tis our Father's home.

Our Father's Home: Old Song (Karaoke with Music Notation)


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