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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Choosing a Flower Sheet Music - Folk Song from the French

Choosing a Flower
Miriam Clark Potter from FrenchAllegretto

"Come flowers to me!
I'll choose one,
the fairest, the finest,
the rarest, My sister to be."
The tulip is grayest,
Most gorgeously drest;
And loved by the sunlight
Above all the rest."

Too haughty is she;
Of flowers, the proudest,
In colors, the loudest;
She'll not do for me."
The violet is modest,
And fairest of face;
She loves the deep forest
With beauty to grace.

"But she is to shy;
She shuns the bright meadows,
And hides in the shadows
Her big golden eye."
The rose smiles upon you
From beautiful bow'rs;
Choose her for your sister,
The queen of all flow'rs."

"Though lovely the rose,
Her playmates she teases
With thorns when she pleases,
As ev'ryone knows."
No flower is perfect,
No matter how rare;
Come, play with us all then,
Thro' summer days fair."
Choosing a Flower - Folk Song from the French

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