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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Filipino Kundiman: Mutya Niyaring Puso - Very Rare Vinyl Copy

'Mutya Niyaring Puso' is a Kundiman composition of Prof. Santiago S. Suarez. This Kundiman was popularly sang during serenades or "Harana". Interpreted by Ariston Avelino and his Orchestra. Audio from a vintage vinyl phonograph record ("Popular Philippine Melodies, Ariston Avelino and His Orchestra," MLP-5005-S, Villar Records, Mareco Inc. Philippines, Undated.)

Popular Philippine Melodies
Ariston Avelino and His Orchestra

Villar Records in its constant search for music that's strictly Philippine, takes a fancy on twelve carefully selected native airs fashioned in the exceptionally "modern" styling of one who has already carved a niche for himself in the realm of orchestral music in the islands and who is certainly one of the most versatile---Ariston Avelino.

As a serious romantic, the undertones of which may be distintly heard in the selection of this album, Ariston Avelino fully captures the exciting quality and poignancy of the original songs, interpreting them with a deft touch of modernism. Specifically, he is the traditional artist who achieves to convey, raher than alter, the work of composer. In doing so, he is able to present, unerringly, the meaning and scope of the original, with quite the same enthusiasm and understanding as the composer himself.

From the first to the last Philippine melody of thsi album, the listener will be thoroughly enchanted by the warmth of the songs that the Filipinos call their own. The stirring arrangement of Ariston Avelino adds dramatic splotches of color, like a painter's brush, thereby giving each selection an overpowering impact. In the hands of a tru;y gifted conductor-arranger like Ariston Avelino, these Philippine melodies readily gain extra energy and appeal which continue to live and grow --like the portrait of the Filipino as a music lover.



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