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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Young MacDonald - Canadian Folk Song Midi and Lyrics

Young MacDonald
Canadian Folk Song

He is young and fair and handsome
He's my fancy late and early
There's another who doth claim him
I don't blame her, huki wari.

   Aye grattalion, oh grattalion
   Aye grattalion bounsa guiles
   Telim meen geneel denoosa
   Thisakerry suas learchin.

In the fields he fought the battles
Brave enacted western arms
There were thousands there to greet him
He did spot the malcha goya.

You all know this young MacDonald
He was brought up here in Glengarry
Now he's off to Colorado
With his name and his metrachee.

Young MacDonald - Canadian Folk Song Free Midi Download
Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor


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