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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Wreck of the Asia - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Midi and Lyrics

The Wreck of the Asia
Canadian Traditional/Folk Song

Loud roared the dreadful tumult, and stormy was the day
When the Asia left her harbour to cross the Georgian Bay.
One hundred souls she had on board, likewise a costly store,
And on that trip this gallant ship she sank to rise no more.

There were three and thirty shantyboys, wholehearted, stout and brave.
For French River they were bound, but found a watery grave.
Men tried to save the captain as the waters round him raged.
"Oh no", cried he, "Ne'er think of me till all on board are saved."

I'll ne'er forget MacDougall... that was his honoured name,
Immortalized by gallant deeds and handed down to fame.
The cabin-boy next passed away, so young and true and brave.
His parents weep while his body sleeps in the Georgian's watery grave.

And likwise Willie Christie, with his lately-wedded bride,
Were bound for Manitoulin, where her parents did reside.
"If we had only left this boat last evening at Owen Sound!
Oh Willie, dear, why came we here to in these waters drown?"

Of all the souls she had on board two only are alive
Miss Morrison and Tinkiss, they only did survive.
Miss Morrison and Tinkiss, their names I'll ne'er forget,
Protected by a lifeboat which five times did upset.

That boat was seen to hold eighteen which into her did climb,
But it upset, and down they went... there were seven at one time.
Now in the deep their bodies sleep; their earthly trials are o'er,
And on the beach their bones do bleach along the Georgian shore.

The Wreck of the Asia - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Free Midi Download
Midi sequence from The Great Canadian Tunebook


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