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Thursday, June 16, 2011

William Glen - Canadian Folk Song Midi and Lyrics

William Glen
Canadian Folk Song

There was a ship and a ship of fame
Launched off the docks, bound for the main
With a hundred and fifty brisk young men
Which were picked and chosen in every one.

We did not sail a league but two
Till all our whole ship's jolly crew
They all fell sick but sixty-three
As we went on to New Barbary.

We did not sail a league but three
Till raging grew the rolling sea
There rose a tempest in the sky
Which filled our hearts with great surprise.

One night the Captain he did dream
There came a voice which said to him
"Prepare you and your company
For tomorrow night you shall lodge with me."

This woke the Captain in a fright
It being the third watch of the night
And to his boatmen he did call
And told him his secret all.

When in England I did dwell
A comely maiden I loved so well
A squire I slew in Staffordshire
All for the sake of a lady dear.

Oh dearest Captain, if that be so
Don't let none of our ship's crew know
Keep that secret within your breast
And pray to God to give you rest.

Next morning early the storm did rise
Which gives our seamen much surprise
The sea broke over us fore and aft
Till scarce a man on deck was left.

Then our boatswain he did declare
That our captain was a murderer
It soone enraged our whole ship's crew
And overboard our captain threw.

When this was done the calm was there
Our goodly ship onward did steer
The wind abated and calmed the sea
And we got safe to New Barbary.

William Glen - Canadian Folk Song Free Midi Download
Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor


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