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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Richardson's Pipes - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Midi and Lyrics

Richardson's Pipes
Canadian Traditional/Folk Song

In a trench at the front in the war to end wars
Young men readied for battle like thousands before
A last note to sweethearts, a last chance to pray
They'd be 'over the top' at the first light of day.

And when the time came, they advanced into hell
Torn by bullets and shrapnel, in dozens lads fell
So deadly the fury of enemy fire
That even the bravest could not breach the wire.

      They tried to find cover on wide open plain
      Where machine gun and rifle sang deadly refrain
      A resolute foe had repelled their attack
      They couldn't go forward... they wouldn't go back.

Then from the top of a trench came a sound
That made even 'most fearful of lads look around
A piper, in full view of enemy fire
Marching, defiant, the length of the wire.

So renewed was their spirit, the fight to sustain
That they sprang to their feet and advanced once again
They cut through the wire, 'charged across No Man's Land
The field was theirs and the victory at hand!

      But later 'mid shell hole and carnage they found
      His pipes, now silent, on death-laden ground
      The people at home, of his bravery they'd learn
      But the gallant young piper would never return.

Today in a museum's glass case display
The mud-crusted pipes that he played on that day
And at night when the great hall is empty, they say
You can still hear the sound of the young piper play.

Tune: Pibroch o' Donald Dhu (Traditional)
Lyrics by Barry Taylor, 2003
Consigned to the Public Domain

Richardson's Pipes - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Free Midi Download
Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor


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