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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love is Easy - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Midi and Lyrics

Love is Easy
Canadian Traditional/Folk Song

Over hills and far off mountains
Over hills and valleys, too,
A voice came to a fair one's window
Saying, "Rise up, fair one, and let me in."

   Love is easy, love is teasing
   Love is pleasing while it's new.
   As it grows older, it soon grows colder
   And fades away like the morning dew.

He rose early the next morning
He arose at the break of day.
He gave her gold and he gave her silver
Saying, "Rise up, fair one, I must away."

"Come back, come back, fondest lover,
Come back, come back and marry me."
"I'll come back when the ocean dries, love.
I'll come back and I will marry thee."

I left my father and my mother
I left my sisters and brothers, too,
I left my friends and my fond relations,
I left them all for the love of you.

Come all you fair maids from distant counties,
Don't you believe all young men say,
For like the stars on a frosty evening,
You think they're near when they're far away.

Love is Easy - Canadian Traditional/Folk Song Free Midi Download
Midi sequence from The Great Canadian Tunebook


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