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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kuradang - Philippines: Visayan Folk Dance (Dance Video)

Visayan Folk Dance
Kuradang is a lively dance from Tuburan, Pototan, Iloilo. The people from this barrio are gay and extremely fond of singing and dancing. No social gathering in Tuburan is complete without dancing. One of the dances performed during fiestas or celebrations is the Kuradang. The name of the dance must have been derived from the word Kudangdang meaning showy and overdressed.
This dance, with variations, is also found in the Eastern Visayas.
COSTUME. Girl wears patadyong, camisa or kimona with soft panuelo over one shoulder. Boy wears barong tagalog and colored trousers. No footwear is needed by both dancers.
MUSIC is composed of two parts : A and B.

Kuradang - Philippines: Visayan Folk Dance (Dance Video)


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