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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kalapati - Ilocano Folk Dance (Dance Video)

Philippines: Ilocano Folk Dance
Kalapati means dove. The Kalapati is a dance patterned after the characteristic seats of the doves as they court - bowing, billing, and cooing. Originating fromCabugao, Ilocos Sur, this lovely courtship dance depicts the typical traits of the Ilocanos simplicity, naturalness, and shyness.
This dance shows an old custom of the Filipinos before presenting a number for entertainment, giving due courtesy and respect to the people present in the gathering and apologizing for any shortcomings one might commit during the performance.
The following words are sung and expressed in movements:

Dios ti mangted ti naimbag arabii yo,
Senores, senoras ditoy acto;
Takid-dawen deytoy numo toy biangco,
Quet mangtedac ti pam-magosto.

In the name of the Lord I wish you all good evening,
Gentlemen and ladies who are present;
It is asked of my humble self (to present you a dance)
And I shall try to please you.

COSTUME. Dancers are dressed in typical Ilocano costume.
MUSIC is composed of three parts: A, B, and C.

Watch Kalapati - Ilocano Folk Dance Video


  1. wala po bang dance steps procedure ang kalapati?

  2. wla po bang dance steps?