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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Imunan - Pangasinan Folk Dance (Dance Step in Video)

Philippines: Pangasinan Folk Dance

Imunan is a courtship dance from San Jacinto, Pangasinan. Imunan means jealousy. The dance depicts a love triangle, two girls and one boy. In this dance, the boy tries to please the girls who are trying their best to get his attention and favor. The boy shows an admirable attempt to please both girls by paying attention, flirting, and dancing with them, one after the other. The attempt is successful and at the end of the fiance all is sweetness and harmony among the three dancers.

COSTUME. Girls wear balintawak costume without tapis, camisa, soft panuelo over one shoulder, or around the neck and corcho or chinelas for footwear. Girl 1 has fan hanging at right side of waist and Girl 2's fan hanging at left side of waist. Boy wears barong tagalog, white trousers, and chinelas.

Watch the video of Imunan - Pangasinan Folk Dance

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