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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Helpful Boy : Filipino Folk Song (Lyrics)

A Helpful Boy (English)
Tagalog Folk Song

A stranger came to town,
The road he did not know.
He met a helpful boy
Who told him where to go.
The stranger thank the boy.
"You're welcome," said the lad.
"I have done a useful turn, and I'm very glad."

Mabait na Bata (Filipino

May taong nagtanong
Ang daan kung saan.
May batang sumagot
"Sa banda po riyan."
"Salamat sa iyo." "Walang anuman."
"Natutuwa akong kayo'y matulungan."


  1. Hey I have been looking for the complete lyrics for this folk song'A helpful Boy' for so many years, I know the Filipino version in it's entirety but not the last line of th English version, can you complete it please?

  2. Hello, I have been looking everywhere for the complete lyrics of the English version of the song "A helpful boy" I would greatly appreciate if I could get the last line/stanza if this song please? Thank you

  3. That last line in English is just a literal translation of the Filipino version, it doesn't sound familiar to the one I learned when I was in elem school, but thank you for your contribution.