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Friday, January 28, 2011

Beggars of San Roque: Awit ng Pulubi-Filipino Folk Song

Beggars of San Roque
Filipino Folk Song (English)

In our place along the bay,
Barrio of San Roque,
Met four jolly beggars,
In full festalmood one day;

The cripple gaily danced,
The mute sang a melody
And the blind enjoyed the sight
Gladly listened the deaf.

In that humble little town,
That we proudlt call our own,
People slaughter insects
That we call Niknik;

And the fat of these mites
When melted and drained,
Gave oil that filled
All of nine earthen vats.

In our place along the shore,
Town of Malabon,
There's a certain old man
Whose fire did boil

In a flimsy paper pot,
Set upon a paper stove,
And for fuel, did you know,
He used water cold.

Awit ng Pulubi
Filipino Folk Song (Tagalog)
Doon po sa amin, Bayan ng San Roque
May nagkatuwaang apat na pulubi;
Nagsayaw ang pilay, umawit ang pipi,
Nanood ang bu-lag, nakinig ang bingi.

Doon po sa amin Maralitang bayan,
Nagkatay ng hayop, Niknik ang pangalan,
Ang taba po nito nang maipatunaw
Ang nakuhang langis siyam na ta-payan.

Doon po sa amin, Bayan ng Malabon,
May isang matandang nagsaing ng apoy,
Palayok ay papel, papel pati tungtong
Tubig na malamig ang iginagatong.

Awit ng Pulubi-Beggars of San Roque: Filipino Folk Song

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  1. Sana may video with lyrics :(