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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ang Tatay at Nanay - A Filipino/Tagalog Folk Song for the Celebration of "Father's Day" in the Philippines

Ang Tatay at Nanay - A Song suggestion for the celebration of "Father's Day" in the Philippines

Ang Tatay at Nanay
Lively and gay

Tatay ang haligi ng ating tahanan,
Nanay ang liwanag pagkat siyang ilaw:
Ang turo ni Ama, tayo'y magdamayan
At ang turo ni Ina, tayo'y magmahalan.
Kung walang haligi ang bahay, babagsak;
Magdidilim naman kung walang liwanag;
Kung buhay ang ating Ama at Inang liyag,
Mapapalad tayo, tayo'y magpasalamat.
(Ulitin lahat)

Father and Mother (English Version)

Dear Father the mighty pilar of our home,
Our Mother's the radiance for she is the light,
Our Father teaches us to help and to care,
Ang Mother says that loving each other is right.
And without the strong pilars the house will fall,
Without a light to shine darkness will come.
If our father and mother were both alive,
We would give thaks for we would be happy and gay.
(Reapeat all)


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